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About TekStop

TekStop is a managed IT service provider based in Prescott, Arizona. We help your business by implementing IT solutions to meet your unique needs, while focusing on cybersecurity to keep your revenue and data safe.

Why is Cybersecurity a MUST for Businesses?

In 2021 cyber attacks cost the world $6.5 trillion. The threat of cyber attack is only getting worse. We help businesses identify their risks and create a plan of action to detect, protect, and plan ahead.

Outsource Your IT Services

Outsourcing your IT services is the best decision you can make. We offer a single point of contact for all your IT needs, helping you stay current with the latest technologies to run your business.

About Our CEO

Niles Benghauser has been in the IT industry over 15 years, serving residential and commercial clients. He has always been interested in the way technology functions and soon realized the need for a better kind of IT services.

In 2017, Niles opened TekStop to provide comprehensive I.T. support services to businesses. As time went on, Niles also noticed that many IT Service Providers don't focus enough on cybersecurity. That's why we put security first and continue to implement world-class technologies and solutions for all our clients.

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